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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not "Fantastic Ms. Fox"

I was bored at home, with a cold, so I decided to read an old Vogue magazine (well, not that old, October 2011 issue) and I flipped through the pages. I glanced at it before in September (why magazines send out the current month's issue a month before, I don't know) but nothing really stroke me as being interesting, except the cover that had Michelle Williams portrayed as Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming movie (I don't know the details). Then, as I flipped through the magazine near the end, I saw an interesting looking image of a model whose hair and face resembled that of Elvis Presley and I thought, "Eww, haha". So I looked at the title of the clothing collection they were featuring in this month's issue.

"Fantastic Ms. Fox"- Dashing, daring, she leaps to lunches, bounds to business meetings, and hunts for houses in ferocious fur wraps. Photographed by David Sims.

There were 10 images from this collection, each image featuring a unique fur coat or fur clothing from a famous name like Prada, Fendi, and Michael Kors. Now I know these upscale fashion designers were not apathetic towards animals and their fur, but to actually SEE their name plastered on the small heading on the photograph detailing the clothing that was featured was shocking. It's one thing to hear about it and having an inkling, but another thing to advertise it.

I am horrified and HATED this month's photographed fashion collection. Normally I appreciate the craftsmanship and aesthetics of the photographs, the clothing, the make-up, and the model's flexible movements. But this issue was horrible! Can you tell that I am against animal clothing?

What's worse is that the ENTIRE issue had some kind of real fur clothing, whether it was an advertisement by **** or small item that they (the writer) paired up with an article or column. This issue should've warned their readers about the fur items in their issue. I know that it is fall and fur is, without a doubt, warmer than cotton, however I was shocked, disappointed, and scornful of this month's issue.

PETA: if you are reading this, please inform Vogue of my disgust in their October issue, and their status as a respectable magazine, plummeted a few drops, equivalent to that of Stars :(

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I read a book Dark Mirror by author I Forgot, and one of the characters was a boy with magical powers, who had the power of foreseeing and because of this knowledge, didn't allow anyone to get close to him, not even the girl he loved.

Today, I had my hand read by someone (professional or not, I don't know) and she said that I will not live long: my first thought was "Yes! I don't have to pay back all my loans or my credit card bills", haha. But then it got me really thinking, if I die, then so many things that I wanted to do, won't happen; I won't be able to eat good food (haha, I know, but what can I say I love my milk teas and dim sums!); my family will be devastated and they will wallow in the grief till the end of their days as well; all my hard work to get this far will have been for nothing; and I will die fat, not being able to see myself in a "healthy" physical body (I have accepted that I will forever be overweight, but hey! that can change any day). But what really gets me is that my life has already been tragic thus far, and to have it ended now without having anything extremely good happen to me, is even more tragic: my life thus far would've been a waste.

Life and the economy is bad as it is, but to die now without anything good happen, especially being unemployed would be even more tragic. But on the other hand, I don't have to work my butt off every day and night like I do now, to make a living AND pay my loans and credit card bills. I won't have to worry about interviews, the economy, when I will die (since I already know, haha), and what I would have to endure in the future, finding the "one", and etc. Life would be easier, though tragic, at the same time. O! and I don't have to worry about the "Big One" and the after effects.

Even though I am not afraid of death, because we are all going to end up that way in the end haha, it's how and after I die that I'm terrified about. What kind of pain will I go through (I hate pain: What are you thinking about, Rihanna?!) and what will happen afterward? I watch all these movies (I know, I shouldn't believe in them) about the end, the Last Judgment, and "Big One", but at the same time, a cynic like me can't help but to think that way. Another problem that I face right now is my job: I'm a substitute teacher and kids can be horrible sometimes. One flipped me off in my face, but his finger was bleeding, so I told him to wash his hand because it was "dirty" and to see me at my desk so I can put Neosporin and a band-aid.. he said no and brushed it off. The little twerp.

But then I think of my other students who have taken to me and joke around with me and help me with small chores and make little boxes with my name on it :) I can't think this way, thinking of only the bad or only the good. I have to be realistic... and right now, the only reality that I'm facing at this very moment, is being nice and cozy in my room, hearing the pitter-pattering of rain outside my window, comfortable in my bed and watching my favorite Law and Order:SVU (not the most cheerful show, but I still like it!). I have a class that I will teach in 2 hours (I teach to students in Korea via webcam), and have to wake up 5 hrs later to teach 150 kids art that they hate. This cycle will not end... but! I can buy my favorite cosmetics and eat good food... so my labor for my simple, superficial joys is a fair trade I think.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I was SO excited to get my USB modem which allows to access internet EVERYWHERE (except LA) with CricKet... SO cheap too! I even got the modem for free (with a rebate that I have to still send in) and the plan is only $50!!! I like!

Yeah..... didn't know that internet is SO slow... AND I can't watch Netflix b/c it really is CHEAP! So frustrated. And of course Verizon is out of the question cause its expensive! Wah! Being poor sucks... but it's okay... soo much to do... I teach whole 5 periods with little children going through puberty... so exciting. Good news though! I think they are finally getting attuned to me and my teaching style. But nothing is definite... except death and taxes (Ben Franklin?).

I wonder why teachers are paid dirt? There is SO much that we have to deal with... but we are criticized, underpaid, yelled at, scorned, put-down, underpaid, screamed at, cussed at, underpaid, and did I mention, underpaid? Yeah people say its rewarding... but are they teachers themselves? Is it really worth it? I really wonder sometimes. Perhaps I'm so down because I'm not employed. That's another problem... how do you get employed? I'm TERRIBLE with interviews. I totally suck. Whatever, not going to worry about it right now. I have 5 classes full of poor attitude-y kids, and 3 students in Korea that I teach English online. I hope I'll do well.  I hope, I hope!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Place, New Life

I moved for work. I moved to a strange new place where I am unfamiliar about my surroundings except for my GPS, which is my guide and friend. The place I moved into, had a strange dark feeling, but at the same time its winter, in a new place. I don't know what's safe, what's dangerous, only that I don't know what to expect. So strange. I've never been so unsure of what to do before; I always know what to do. I can drive home, only 3 hours. But still, it's three hours!

If I was rich, I don't have to worry about where to go, where to eat, who to be with, or  what I need to do next. If I had money to spend, I could make things happen and not have to worry about the cost, the time period, my check bouncing, or my car breaking down. If I had money I could find an agent to set up housing for me, pay the deposit, rent it, sleep, and do what I have to do. If I had money, I wouldn't have to worry about what is a fair price, how far is the commute, which is the best direction to go, what time to get up for work and what time I need to get back to go to my other work, or wonder when I can eat. Man, if I had money I would find a place, get everything set up, maybe find a nice motel or hotel to spend the time for work, and enjoy my time doing my work and whatever else. But because I don't have money I have to worry about every detail, every idea; what's the cheapest, what's the fastest, where should I go to grab something to eat and what should I eat? The most important question is: when will this begin/end?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Week's Worth of New Year's Resolutions for a Lifetime of Change

A Week's Worth of New Year's Resolutions for a Lifetime of Change

If you're committed, but don't want to fully commit.

If you're committed, but don't want to fully commit... you're a hypocrite... haha, jk; rather commitment is hard. I'm a committed person but when I committ. These resolutions sounds really hard. I try to do what I can everyday. To designate one day to do one thing only is too complicated for my busy mind. I think I can do two of these ideas, but no more than that, my mind will get so fried cuz of the confusion of what day is what. I will fully commit to Fruitful Friday, maybe Wacky Wednesdays (when I remember to) everything else like being waste-aware and good samaritan I will try to the everyday, every opportunity. One resolution that I really want to commit is Get-out Saturday, and this is one thing that is a great idea for a lazy/busy person like me. Great ideas!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Being unemployed

Having been unemployed for about four months now, I begin to realize a lot of things about myself: what I am worth, who I am as a person and what needs to be done; I’ve learned a lot of things these past few months. 
  1. Get unemployment insurance. Unless starving, stress, bad credit, suffocation and no money (but plenty of free time) sound good, accept help from anyone and everyone legal to help. 
  2. Keep your hopes up and dreams high J. Watch Sailor Moon Super S, about beautiful dreams and pure hearts … it makes you hopeful and happy. 
  3. If you can’t find a job through one website or agency, go to other websites and agencies. 
  4. Continue to any and every interview, practice till you get perfect. But also remember that this interview, will make or break your future, it’s on the line. 
  5. Keep your ends loose; what else do you have to offer to the world? Life might suck, but that is why you need to work hard to make it better: you can’t eat the cookie without making it. 
  6. Watch Law & Order: SVU; life may not be great, but it beats being raped and killed. Find a way to make the world better than the one portrayed on TV (which is pretty scary and dry). 
  7. GET YOUR ACT STRAIGHT!!!!  Sure, take a few months to wallow in your sorrows, beat yourself up for not getting that perfect job, and eat fast food and get fat. Then get over it! You need to get your act straight and take all that you’ve worked (college) and other experiences and make them worth it. It may be only a paper, but it’s THE paper (other than your Social Security card and passport). 
  8. If you get a call, answer it. If you miss it, listen to the voice-mail, and call them back right away; they’re not going to wait for you forever! 
  9. Don’t compare yourself with others… they have their lives, and you have yours: some people just have it, some people don’t. It’s not fair but when you get the job treasure it, you got it because you worked hard, not by luck or money or charm. 
  10. Stay positive, smile, fix your problems and train yourself. You only get better if you try to make it better.
There are more things that I want to talk about unemployment, but these are the only ones that I can think of… I’ll upload more if I think of them below:

Monday, January 3, 2011

My First Official Post... the ones for class don't count

My first post will basically talk about myself, and what I will be writing in my posts. Basically, I'm bored right now, unemployed, and I need a project to pass time, organize my thoughts, and record everything and anything that passes my mind. I have a journal but those are my little secrets, and those are not meant to be shared. The posts I will be uploading will be broadcast-ed through Blogger via Google, stating anything that I deem worthy to take the time to write, bother to upload, and important for others to read. I think my words and important (along with millions of other people) and I want them to be heard... so far, my first and most "popular" representation of me are the words that I wrote on video clip showing young cheetah cubs on YouTube. I wrote a response to someone who wrote something along the lines of "cheetahs are dangerous... they kill... like monsters... we should kill them all" that kind of hate. My response was that animals are animals, and the real monsters are humans... but those thoughts are meant for another day. If you're interested, here is the link: Cute Cheetah Babies. My user name is the same one as this one: studioskim3. Another popular commented YouTube page of mine is about dolphins and their existence; the video clip talks about how intelligent and amazing Dolphins and my response to that video (created by SeaWorld) that it was probably created to lure people out to their sites so that people spend money on their attractions: the animals. I'll talk about that another time as well; here is the link if you're interested in what I have to say or just the video itself: Dolphin Bubbles: An Amazing Behavior.

Enough for today. You will soon find out how passionate about what I'm talking about, how ignorant and brilliant I will sound in my blog posts, and how random but precise I can be.

Happy New Year! :)